Date Prepared:2/25/2024
Report Period:Cases that began treatment on or after January 1st, 2008
Summary Statistics:
 Normal Range CasesClinical Range Cases
Assessment Count: 1,113,651 (24%) 3,556,559 (76%)
Case Count:307,382 792,272
# w/Repeat Assessments: 148,756 (48%) 441,071 (56%)
Ave Assessments Per Case:3.6 4.4
Average Pre-Post Time (Weeks):9.1 11.2
Average Change Per Assessment:-0.02 0.17
Average Change Per Week:-0.01 0.08
Clinical Range Cases
Improvement Score -
Severity Adjusted*: 0.82
Clinical Range Cases
Percentage of Client Improvement
Percentage of Client Improvement Graph

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